Jeff Otterstrom MasterKey Experience Week 5 2019


I have decided to do most of this weeks blog in pictures, as each tells a part of my week, from the wonderful highs to the “It’s Great I’m Great Everythings just Great”, Our Tribe The Magnificent Seven is the most amazing group of “All In” folks I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of and it feels very much like we are bonding and building our Mastermind Group.  I am so greatful the we are all inclusive and have found a safe and trusting place to venture on this journey. We said Farewell and Safe journy’s to one of our tribe members it’s always tough to watch refusal of the call by one of your own, the great news is the seed was planted. So it’s time for Scroll II  “I Greet this day with love in my heart”    Peace, have a great week.

Masterkey Experience Week 4 2019


This week’s MasterKey Experience became more intense, filled with both emotion and enthusiasm, I am part of a tribe of 7 clearly engaged Men and woman who are looking for some life changing effects from the Masterkey Experience, and they are finding all they can handle and they keep coming back for more, I could not be more proud, I appreciate the valuable knowledge that the guide counsel, is ready and willing to share.

The DMP’s that these tribe members are writing are quite awe inspiring, they could complain about the revisions but they are not, and their DMPS are coming to life, I am proud to be their guide.  They are getting exited and I’m exited for them.

Of course my Blog wouldn’t be the same with out my Grand Girl Erayah, she brings so much joy to everyone, top left if you’ve seen The Princess Bride you will get it, more of my wildlife rescue friends, the one with the blue ball is Miss Claire, the one on my shoulder was from a litter that I did not name, because when I would name them it was very difficult to let them go back in the wild, he had a couple of brothers and sisters in this litter, they’re a lot of times taken out of attic’s almost dead because their Mothers have been trapped and taken away, the folks not realizing there were babies were up there for more than a week sometimes until the homeowners will hear them crying.

The bottom left is the tornado that tore through Dallas last Sunday evening.  Talk about Amazing Grace, No Deaths and no major injuries were reported, The damage was unbelievable. If you look to the top left of the picture you will see what looks like a large piece of metal up in the air.

Masterkey Experience Week 3 2019

My week 3 Master key experience, This year is different from last year, as I’m not concerned about being able to do all the things required to keep my scholarship, as I did finish last year, and did complete the requirements, this year I am a guide to help others walk through this life changing course, I have a great compassion for those I’m guiding, because when I say I’ve been there it’s totally factual, I’m not just being kind, I am actually being of service to others, and that is totally fulfilling for me, I am watching my Tribe bloom into a group of self directed thinkers, I am watching them sharpen their DMP’s and getting real clear with their desires.  I am watching a trust develop between the attendee’s this year and their guides that allows for amazing growth weekly.

For me this year it’s not that I have to do this or that, I want to participate, I want to engage, it’s not a chore for me its a gift, and our Tribe is daily giving me gifts. I am looking forward to this week end’s webinar and the Saturday class on speed reading and more.

This weeks’s pic’s are My my constant companion Miss Molly 85 pounds of pure love, I saw the picture above with what appears to be Angels talk about bliss, Then the Elephant little one’ and finally two of my rescue raccoons, I’m teaching then to play in our large pecan tree, and finally my little rescue friend, it was his favorite place to sit after dinner.

Have a great week, Do it now : )

Masterkey Experience Week 1 2019

So Actually This is year 2, Week 1 of my Masterkey Experience, pictures are of my Grand Girl Miss Erayah, And some Texas long horns, I made such strides in my life after 2018’s Masterkey Experience, I decided to be an intern guide, and serve others in some small way.  Also I am able to audit the Masterkey Experience, so it’s a win win for the folks I am serving and myself.  Truly a life changing experience for me and I am so grateful for the opportunity, I learned last year among other things,  to be careful of what you ask for, and how you ask for it.

Jeff Otterstrom Master Key Week 11

“The Glue to everything is trust”

“By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought”

The Bottom photo is the smallest and most challenging foster baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of helping along, they don’t look like raccoons when they are this size, and they get great milk mustaches : ).

Master Key 11  “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”  the only limitation placed on us is the ability to think, faith is not a shadow but a substance, the substance of things hoped for, and the (evidence) of things not seen.

Jeff Otterstrom Masterkey Week 10

Thought I would share some more photo’s, bet you didn’t know raccoons like to play fetch : ) Her Name is Claire, she was the first we Fostered back to health, She loves my Son John as you can see, we hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and she went right up to him, The old bearded guy is me playing hide and seek with my friend : ), last I included a photo of a Greenhouse we built in East Texas to use for Aquaponics.   I learned about cause and effect this week in the Master Key, learning about what mental power and being able to create your will.